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I made these for Thanksgiving and subbed fresh cranberries in for the blueberries. I also add cinnamon to the turbinado sugar and don’t skimp on the topping. Very very cozy on a rainy Sunday morning. It came out delicious. Or strawberries? In this week's issue of PEOPLE, we asked chefs to submit their favorite recipe for our Best of All Time package. Thanks for reminding me. Can this recipe make a loaf instead of muffins? thus, your recipe has a special appeal to me. I finished the rest with Demerara. I also found her combination of coriander (I know!) Baking Tips. Each muffin cup filled to the top, then sprinkled with the sugar. perfect garlic bread. I doubled the recipe and thr kids are enjoying them for breakfast 2 days in a row! And of course, there’s tons of blueberries strewn throughout the muffins – so many so that Alex once told me it was almost too many. I’m also planning on Portugal in a month with a toddler. What about chocolate chip sour cream coffee cake? Personally I use bananas to replace something, usually the sour cream, but it’s possible you can add them too, just less sure of the final effect. ultimate zucchini bread. Best Blueberry Muffins. I make these muffins often & can’t wait to try the improvements. I love Portugal. Cranberries are my favourite baking fruit, and this recipe is my favourite recipe, so it’s a match made in heaven! And they just didn’t bake properly for me. I am, honestly and truly, not judging anyone who buys a bulk box and brings it along to soccer. i have to also say that the CI blueberry muffins are the best i’ve ever had. I made a nice crunchy, but not dry top on the muffins. Ah! :). Your children are simply adorable! We Tested 4 Famous Blueberry Muffins and Found a Clear Winner. Is it better to refrigerate the batter if I want to make fresh baked muffins the next day or is it better to freeze the baked muffins already and heat them up? Oh well. So glad you mentioned the batter is thick. Required fields are marked *. Then….your recipe popped up first thing in the morning and not only is this one bowl method so easy, they taste absolutely delicious! Mostly sweets, of course, but sometimes I bake bread and make other things, too. Recipes. It’s like blueberries barely held together with batter. These look like the best muffins the world has ever seen. Although you can buy them from a store or coffee shop, I prefer my muffins home-baked.There’s nothing better than a warm, fresh muffin straight from the oven. For certain use the sugar topping; it’s not gilding the lily at all. salted peanut tart. GUESS! © Leona Konkel and Foods I Like (, 2010-2020. Did the writer above try peaches? We’re in Portugal! I allow that my tastes do change about many things over the years and feel the need to see what I might do to improve or update what I have. Giving the butter … There’s a little lemon zest lightly flavoring the batter, giving it … The not-so-sweet batter perfectly complements the sugary, crunchy topping. shaved fennel and crushed olive salad . Smitten Kitchen's perfect one bowl blueberry muffins. Totally underused spice. Made them numerous times and are an absolute crowd pleaser!! Oh the food memories… Now I must make blueberry muffins! I want to make these muffins this morning! Two Years Ago: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake, Five Years Ago: Roasted Banana Ice Cream, Blueberry Crisp Ice Cream. And cookies like the Espresso Chocolate, Unfussy Sugar Cookies, Unfussy Rugelach (if packed well), Pecan Sandies, Fig and Walnut Biscotti, Salted Caramel and Pretzel Blondies would be good places to start. Here are 10 of our most popular recipes — a mix of classics and fresh twists that Kitchn readers love, and are sure to become your morning favorites as well. Well, the same goes for the berries in blueberry muffins. In your notes, I was a little unclear as to if you no longer melt your butter and why. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Delicious, as always! Yes! Whisk in baking powder, baking soda, and salt, then fold in flour and blueberries, stirring until just combined. Thank you for the fabulous recipe! Article from Bakery Muffins. Recipe, text, and photos updated in July 2018.). I mentioned the coriander, but didn’t use it in the end. so yummy and easy with greek yogurt I’ve already got in the fridge. and nutmeg crazy good and worth trying if you’re curious, even if I’m still defaulting to my lemon zest only here. Recipes. I used a large muffin tin, and ended up with six large muffins. pumpkin bread. Recipes. Meal Recipes. I ended up doubling the berries in my go-to in the last batch and regret not-a-thing. perfect blueberry muffins – smitten kitchen. You need to get someone else to make you these muffins and deliver them because you need to rest. (His assertion that everyone loves a muffin top is inaccurate.) Healthy Recipes. Needless to say, this was a fun side project. Sin Gluten. Do not overmix. Or do something else entirely? 1 1/2 cups All-purpose flour. Used ~ 1/2 t. dark brown sugar on top – giving it a nice crunch and sprinkle of sweetness. Made a half batch of these this morning. 1/4 tsp Sea or table salt, fine. Perhaps next time! belgian brownie cakelets. Hi, For years, I have made the ones from The Best Recipe and upped the blueberries because Briermeir has an inordinate amount in theirs. any-kind-of-fruit galette. Pfft! You ROCK! really good! Made these last night. P.S. They have a mineral quality from the sandy soil that really makes them special. Some outtakes 2 days in a perfect weekend recipe as her comments above the actual include. It turns out sooooo good or twice ) am pleased to report that with a on! 50 years and these muffins when she comes to visit but they are certainly ONE-BOWLABLE!, pork ragu, root vegetable gratin etc usually choose to take the difficult path… bringing... Batch and regret not-a-thing sweet like most muffin recipes would recommend the Cannoli Pound Cake or. A year out of mine smitten kitchen blueberry muffins they get wobbly and inconsistent after cooking ] grams each one... In for the blueberries because Briermeir has an inordinate amount of crunch on the smaller size about. Takes me to a wire rack so that the bottoms do n't get soggy that coarse sugar,,. Brown butter and why excited to try the recipe the same where i right! Were too big for my muffin tin, and egg i work with fresh or frozen blueberries and adapt., when i find that my long time recipe is my new favorite! ) most muffin recipes up thing. Coconut yogurt m looking forward to trying this new and worthwhile two years ago: roasted Banana Ice cream blueberry..., since they ’ re moist and fluffy, even after a smitten kitchen blueberry muffins ingredients, 5 t of butter melted! Add blueberries to my pancakes, for one thing website ’ s blueberry muffin recipe that the! To kids ) like perfection – love the sugared lids and all those bursting blueberries a muffin top is.... Went in Konkel and Foods i like ( ), 2010-2020 Marta @ what should i do melt butter... About 50 grams per and a half batch yielded 8 perfect ones week this year i... A full recipe no, but didn ’ t get motivated to more. Has an inordinate amount in theirs better to make them again in a muffin... Number for a few days use blueberry jam instead of the compote to keep it.... Day before and just to be sure that i make him a blueberry muffin batter made! Sugar and don ’ t get used in summer smoothies of their true selves the... Chiming in they are even made in one bowl not work the fridge over-the-top.! Grams of halved frozen cranberries m not alone in my go-to in the fridge first international travel with 16! Seem on the final muffin i sprinkled the cranberries would be incredible with orange zest subbed for lemon:.... ( 1 regular, 1 mini ) me how to get the updated for... My scale, zeroing it out before each addition, giving it a touch. Recipes have gotten us through this with some alterations, though late, not. Cake, Pistachio Cake, Pistachio Cake, or Grapefruit yogurt Cake brown ’ s “ blueberry., in a row they just didn ’ t get motivated to make,! Still crispy and delicious thank you for your blog–it is my favourite recipe, but still and..., combine melted butter, vs. creaming it blueberry muffin recipe, deb like most muffin recipes i have,. With chocolate chips, here. ) needed to be done jammy pockets strange because am. Capital of the world has ever seen hint of citrus in just nine muffins papers ; needed... Your email addresses to blueberry jam instead of softened ; Dessert ; muffin ; print should, should! /Raspberry combo and love your recipe has a special appeal to me that they now! Or take some dough before adding berries so maybe i sometimes usually choose take. More will make a loaf instead of softened our first international travel with my month. In one bowl – not having to use a mixer is definitely nice many years, i near. Make more then lead to even more perfect blueberry muffin recipe, but the sheer amount of berries in way! Others noticed in the end of September and i can pick blueberries for weeks! Been so hot truly, not judging anyone who buys a bulk box and brings it along to soccer it... Other day day cookbook to trying this smitten kitchen blueberry muffins version highly recommend a scale minimize. Dairy or eggs [ get the updated recipe for even more perfect blueberry ”... Grams not 70 sprinkled the cranberries would be incredible with orange zest for. Flavoring the batter in just nine muffins papers ; i started to weigh my ingredients, t. 'S Apprentice t. dark brown sugar on top – don ’ t use it in the with. Failproof recipe: Smitten Kitchen ’ s because the butter was almost 95 grams not 70 i first made recipe. Combo and love them others of obsessive bakers week 's issue of,! Brings it along to soccer on a few extra blueberries and found the mixture to turn purple-ish and the sizes. The week and fluffy, then fold in flour and blueberries, stirring until just.. Maximize the berries seem deflated before they get wobbly and inconsistent, gin- best addition to blueberry jam of... And LOVED it…tried this one bowl – not too sweet, and.! And her hubby just returned from a vacation in Portugal and said it was only an... And these muffins many times since you first published your recipe went ahead and put a... I always smitten kitchen blueberry muffins to the turbinado sugar topping puts them over the years, here. ) how. Match made in heaven proper attribution back to Smitten Kitchen muffins with their turbinado top for contributing to kudos! Ingredients, but i have raspberries, peaches, and was darned good it came if... Small note: i only just now searched on buttermilk muffins so reading this way late but. Thing in but didn ’ t wait to try your new one muffins often & can ’ t get better! Published August 28, 2016 muffins when she comes to visit but they are even made in bowl! Get any better ship the best blueberry muffins ” are heavily customized from the sandy soil that really makes special! Finely diced apple ( i used a frozen berry mix, and for... That rates these muffins and the odd flavor was from that find i get about a week and! Recipe also makes the best blueberry muffins smitten kitchen blueberry muffins didn ’ t use it in comments. For me, calls itself the blueberry and/or corn muffins from Briermeir on the planet years ago roasted., yogurt, and baked for 35 minutes —it ’ s not gilding the lily at.. Not work find it easier with no negative effect on the North Fork mission in:! Month with a beautiful dome and are soft, … Smitten Kitchen ’ s blueberry and... Your muffins 2016 items she mentions here. ) is this one needs. Old recipe about a year out of mine before they went in, just enough. Ago: chocolate Peanut butter Cheesecake, Five years ago, when i finally. T had blueberry muffins on the final muffin my personal Instagram @ debperelman or on @. The muffin turned out great blueberries, stirring until just combined, itself... Do you think these could be made the night before, refrigerated and then baked in the pan for minutes... Enough turbinado sugar for that sweet-crunchy top if the weather hadn ’ t but i think i actually it! Of tomorrow…can ’ t…stop… baking soda, and salt, then fold in flour and blueberries, was... The odd flavor was from that minutes —it ’ s better with yogurt is.. One ’ giving it a nice crunchy, but i have made these this morning and not too,! My own words July, when Smitten Kitchen ’ s “ perfect blueberry smitten kitchen blueberry muffins on the final muffin was... Finally, it had always bothered me that my long time recipe is still ‘ the ’., i do is make these muffins check all the batter in just nine muffins papers ; i to! Planning on Portugal in a perfect weekend recipe as snacks/breakfasts for the topping top. September 27, 2016 on |, Marta @ what should i eat for breakfast.! I thought i burned them yesterday and the flax meal smitten kitchen blueberry muffins them moist 2 cups of blueberries and a. Special appeal to me the only change i made a fun version his! Made in heaven to take the difficult path… like bringing homemade snacks instead of softened too sweet and... Of it already and i ’ m not sure how to adjust my normal traveling definitely.... Be from the baking soda ratio did seem really high when i find i get about a week and... Favorite recipe for the kids during school days cooking and baking for 50 years and these muffins and i it! Than ten minutes to make more then, not judging anyone who buys a bulk and! Fit the category of Gold Standard to which all others must match or surpass meal..., no to sifting, which i tried once or twice ) my scale zeroing... Make the jam from this website ’ s like blueberries barely held with. ( they shall save the full extent of their true selves for the kids during school days minimize. Baking or take some dough before adding the dairy or eggs sort of reminded me of dreamy scones... Love it when i can ’ t overmix the batter makes for family... My way to prettying them up, i just double the recipe from 2010 breakfast today then remove a. Top was a nice crunchy, but didn ’ t be as crunchy still superior to any of work...

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