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He started his MLM career in different companies as an affiliate such as Melaleuca, LiveSmart, and Waiora. Valentus is officially in the momentum stage and their monthly sales is exponentially growing. he's had experience of working inside other MLM companies such as Waiora, Melaleuca and LiveSmart, and some of these have a bit of a bad reputation. Valentus Compensation . Ok let's review the opportunity now. “Valentus” meaning … Valentus is one of those relatively new MLM companies, and this is good because the market is not that saturated yet as in the case of the oldest MLM companies, like Neolife, Amway, or Mary Kay. According to their promotional video, Valentus claims to be one of the fastest-growing … Charlotte Richards. These packages range from $59 to $499, depending on the amount and variety of products you want to sell. Valentus MLM is the brain child of Dave Jordan who happens to be the founder and CEO. As a a multi-level company, they offer consumers the opportunity to become consultants and have their own home business selling the weight loss products. I have 4 figure weekly pays and the best thing off all…. Put simply, this company is an MLM (multi-level-marketing) business that allows independent sales representatives to sell Valentus supplement drink powders all over the world. There are also products for boosting immune system, weight loss and energy. Join to Connect. The company was in pre-launch until September 1st 2014 and then officially launched just after that date. There are four incredible ways to get paid in the Valentus compensation plan. But is Valentus a pyramid scheme? Valentus is a multi-level marketing company that is known for selling nutritional beverages. There is always a dirty little secret with MLM’s and Valentus is no exception. Apr 2017 – Present 3 years 7 months. I help people … Network Marketing Valentus. Join to Connect. Valentus SlimROAST Coffee is delicious. Valentus sells some of the very few products that combine taste, quality, and effectiveness to make a supplement actually worth buying. Some people around the world are experiencing a new kind of health, vitality and endurance thanks to Valentus SlimROAST Coffee and Valentus Weight Loss* Functional Beverages, they are beneficial for your body and you get results. Valentus. The Valentus opportunity level of entry coupled with one of the most generous compensation plans in the network marketing industry gives Valentus an advantage over its competitors in the network marketing space. Report this profile; Experience. Our Mission. They claim that they have various coffee products to help you lose weight and to improve your overall health. For now, let’s talk about the owners of the company. Plus, since Valentus is an MLM, there is a lot of money to be made for people who get in early and start selling friends, family, and … They have six products that are geared towards specific weight loss, and to help their customers meet their health and wellness goals. It was founded in 2014 by Dave Jordan. Valentus. This acknowledgement raises a dilemma for Valentus, because an MLM company without retail sales is a pyramid scheme. Valentus is a health and wellness Multi-Level-Marketing company that sells coffee to help people to lose weight.. View Lisa’s full profile. From a breakthrough new line of products, to the highest level manufacturing facilities on the planet, to a compensation plan that is unparalleled in the network marketing industry, to our corporate team that represents an unmatched level of leadership and integrity, at VALENTUS our mission is to help people PREVAIL in ALL aspects of their life! Network Marketing at Valentus United Kingdom 47 connections. See who you know in common; Get introduced; Contact Lisa directly; Join to view full profile People also viewed . Though the company is not a scam, it doesn’t mean that you should jump right into the business before doing your due diligence. You may have heard of Valentus’s network marketing. Network marketing is an amazing industry with wonderful products and incredible opportunities. Valentus is a health & wellness network marketing company that was originally launched back in 2014 by a guy named Dave Jordan. Valentus is just another drop of water in a very big pool of companies that try the MLM or Pyramid Scheme route that try to force us to scheme our own family and friends into joining. After doing some investigation on Dave Jordan, it looks like he is very experienced in this field and has been very successful. The adaptation of the MLM model means that Valentus has two fundamental compensations at its core. They’ve since droped to fourth (9.8%) behind Spain (12.6%). I paid off more than 30k of debt on my own, can go on holidays with my kids an even I can save money. The signature product is Slim Roast Optimum Dark Roast Coffee which is supposed to give you greater focus and energy as well as reducing appetite to aid in weight loss. Valentus is a multi-level marketing company that specializes in weight loss coffee supplements. Network Marketing at Valentus Leeds, United Kingdom 4 connections. Although the one-time sign-up fee is only $20, to get started you must purchase a package of products to sell. So chances are if you’ll decide to go with Valentus MLM company, you will not experience that many people telling you that someone’s uncle lost his money with Valentus’ business. I often say, “Network marketing changed my life in ways that were far beyond my imagination.” The products are not packed drinks, so the consumers have to mix the content in water or milk to make the drink. What is Valentus? We have other drinks for Energy, Weight-Management and Immunity. (like Gano Excel, Javita, etc…) Valentus Reveiws – The Valentus Product Line. … Most importantly… The company was in pre-launch until September 1st, 2014 and then officially launched just after that date. Who is Valentus For? Valentus is a multi-level marketing company, founded in 2014, in the coffee/weight loss niche. Valentus is a company built by distributors for distributors and fosters a unique culture that truly reflects the heart and soul of its owners and leaders. ... Valentus is now being recognized all over the world as the next billion dollar giant in both the coffee and the network marketing industries. With Valentus, you get some coffee and other products to choose from, regardless if they work or not. I have seriously lost friends due to companies like these, because these companies turn people into very hungry sellers, literally, because these people always end up losing money and broke. Valentus has been growing by 35% month on month, Don’t miss this GREAT OPPORTUNITY to live the life you deserve. I kind of like it when mlm companies have very little products because you can gain control and … The retail bonus is the most fundamental method to earn with Valentus. He used to be the top representative of Melaleuca until he was kicked out for some apparent reason. These reps can be rewarded with commissions on product sales that are produced by them and their … Dave Jordan is the founder and CEO of Valentus. View Lesley’s full profile. A year ago I found Valentus and I rebuilt my organization. Network Marketing Valentus. Valentus has garnered believers and critics alike in its quest to control the body-slimming-coffee mix market. but the question remains: How are Valentus affiliates in the UK and Europe (Spain) running their business? Valentus MLM is the brainchild of Dave Jordan who happens to be the founder and CEO. After bouncing from other MLM companies, he decided to create Valentus along with industry leaders. May 2017 – Present 3 years 5 months. Network Marketing Valentus. Valentus is a legitimate MLM Company or some called Network Marketing Company, which distributes the Valentus product line. A few weeks ago, the UK was the third largest source of traffic to the Valentus website (15%). So, what is Valentus? MLM leaders are joining Valentus everyday and “Diamonds’ are being made. They appeared to be selling healthy beverages online or through word of mouth marketing … See who you know in common; Get introduced; Contact Lesley directly; Join to view full profile People also viewed. Valentus also offers a business opportunity to make money through their Multi-level Marketing Compensation Plan. Valentus Review - MLM Opportunity. In one month, Valentus went from $12 million in sales to $15 million in sales (oct 2019-nov 2019) A year ago they were at just $1 to $2 million per month. Report this profile; Experience. Valentus as an MLM company has depicted itself as a trustworthy partner. Mark A. Jackson was introduced to network marketing by his parents while in his early teens. They offer a variety of different products and health care supplements. He learned quickly how network marketing can “free” the average person with the right opportunity. A few years ago I came across a start-up company within the direct selling industry called Valentus. I ... Network marketing has given me the possibility to be around my children for 3 years now, plan my own schedule, have time/freedom and flexibility. As of the time of this Valentus mlm review, the Valentus Product line consists of only 4 products. The Founder and CEO - Mr. Dave Jordan - has over 20 years experience in the Network Marketing/MLM … After doing some investigation on Dave Jordan, it looks like he is very experienced in this field and has been very successful. To this very date Dave is still the CEO of the company & the company is still going strong. Valentus is a direct sales company that provides an income opportunity for their independent representatives for sharing the products and for building teams of other independent representatives that do the same. Network Marketing Hierarchy of Needs I am going to adapt Maslow’s Hierarchy of Human Needs so that you can see how this fits directly into the distributor’s life cycle. If you are not a member of Valentus, but would like to have a look inside please provide the user name of the Member who referred you. What is Valentus? The Valentus MLM Company was founded in 2014 in Sioux Falls South Dakota USA. Website: Valentus is a multilevel marketing company that focuses on Health/wellness and Coffee. The business is the main reason anyone would even join, so do keep that in mind. That is If you are willing to pay $60 dollars for a can of its slimming coffee formula. Besides it not being a scam, it very much serves as a network marketing gig … But we’ll get to all of that in a second. They are the retail bonus and the recruitment bonus. Let me briefly go through each one so that you can get a glimpse and grasp the potential earnable compensation. Valentus is a Multi-level Marketing structured company that operates within the health and wellness industry. Well, since it is an MLM approach, sales representatives are focused on recruiting new sales reps and earning … He joined his first company at 17 years old, sponsored by his mother. Valentus is a MLM or multi-level marketing company that promotes health and wellness products, specifically in the weight loss niche. There are five stages of human needs and… Valentus Review – The MLM Company. Their promise of earning hundreds of dollars if you participate in their marketing ploy is enticing. This is a theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization. Timing is everything and MLM leaders know this. Free Tour. Michaela McCarthy.

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