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P.J.M. The most important question is: What size Rhododendron do you want?Dwarf Rhodos and Evergreen Azaleas tend to be slow growing (5-10cm/ year) and reach up to … Thanks for any advice. Look at pictures of William Sainum types of Rhododendrons and see what you think. Seeds collected by Society members from around the world are offered for sale at the exchange. The ‘Seaview Sunset’ with its light yellow flowers is stunning. I’m interested in western azalea hybrids, of which Irene Koester (sp? The showiest of all spring flowering plants, rhododendrons will produce a wealth of beautiful colourful blooms. Welcome to the country's leading specialist Rhododendron grower! It was selected and named by our friend Charles Webb of Superior Trees in Florida. Growing up to five feet per decade, this is a tough, reliable rhododendron that brightens up dark, shady garden corners. Is it a Rhododendron or an Azalea? If you don't see the price - the plant is not for sale. It is one of the latest flowering of the azaleas, sometimes blooming in Setember. Unfortunately, we only have the means to deliver plants to the Seattle area. SALE ITEMS. ‘Hershey’s Red’ … Do you have any satsuki azaleas which I can train into bonsai? Wild Rhododendrons grow at sea level all the way up to heights of 19,000 … George Mitchell go... We don't usually sell a lot of roses but we love this old fashioned trouble free southern favorite with medium semi-double pink flowers in clusters. Learn how your comment data is processed. View our 2020 catalog online. Deciduous native species rhododendron. Rhododendrons look so fragile, but they are tough as nails. Hello– In 2017 (June 3) we bought 6 rhododendrons for $313.50. It has orange-red to red flowers in July and August, much later than most native azaleas. This rose is very adaptable and vigorous and requires much less special care ... 'Louis Philippe' Rose, also known as Cracker Rose is a long time favorite in the Deep South where it thrives and is quite trouble free. It blooms here in South Carolina in late March to early April. Click on image to enlarge. Beginners should explore the Plant Catalog and look for the icons … We're known for Rhododendrons and dwarf connifers, but also Cary a wide variety of Azaleas, Heathers, Hydrangeas … This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This plant should be planted in the shade where it adds interest to a winter landscape. The petals are somewhat fring... 'Stonewall Jackson' is one of the "Confederate Series" of deciduous native azalea hybrids introduced by Tom Dodd, Jr. and Tom Dodd III of Semmes Alabama. View Product > Anna x yak #2. Rhododendron A. Bedford Rhododendron Abe Arnott Rhododendron Alice Rhododendron Aloha Rhododendron Amber Waves Rhododendron Amity Rhododendron Anah Kruschke Rhododendron … Made some years ago by the late Robert Mackintosh it was introduced by Woodlanders. Here are a few basic guidelines to care for these plants. View Product > ... Rhododendron degronianum ssp. That would be very helpful, thank you! View Product > Seaview Sunset. Please call the store at 425-454-1853 and a staff member can connect you with Jim, our specialist. The hairy evergreen leaves  turn a reddish color in the fall. Rare evergreen native rhododendron. Early-mid season blooms are creamy yellow with some crimson spotting in trusses of up to three flowers. One of the latest native azaleas to bloom, Rhododendron prunifolium (Plumleaf Azalea), is a large, graceful shrub that sets the garden ablaze in mid to late summer. Check back with us in a month as we hope to have some in stock. Female plants produce clusters of hairy red fruit persistent into winter. Also, can be a great resource to determine if the varieties we carry will meet your needs. Spring of 20198 arrived and same this happened. Thanks to you, I have a new favorite! Eastern Plant Specialties, located in scenic Georgetown, Maine is a rare plant nursery–with a mail order division, that offers the finest hardy rhododendrons, wildflowers, ferns, native shrubs, trees and a … Price includes delivery. We anticipate receiving this cultivar of rhododendron in the spring. Appointments to view or purchase rare Philodendrons must be made prior to your arrival at the nursery.. Pot sizes range from 6 to 10 inches … As I’m presently in Edmonds, I might not make it before you close before the weekend, but could venture thataway early next week. rare plants - fragrant flowers - exotic fruit: 1-866-897-7957. Rhododendrons … All plants are subject to availability. After waiting an hour, dig down one foot near the plant (avoid digging into the root ball) and measure to see how deep the water penetrated. It has a mounding, dense growth habit, growing up to six feet tall and wide. Pictured. This upright spreading evergreen shrub is probably a R. macrosepalum hybrid although often listed as a Kurume hybrid. In cooler climates, they can tolerate more sun. RareFind Nursery is a retail / mail-order nursery that offers unusual hardy plants, including rhododendrons, azaleas, native perennials, trees, shrubs, dogwoods, magnolias, … Please help us resolve this. Buy rhododendrons anytime you can find them, which is usually in the spring. This Seabrook hybrid produces vivid red funnel-shaped flowers about three inches across. Shade is the biggest ‘problem’ in many gardens, especially if you have mature shade trees like maple on your property. This azalea is unusual for the spider-type purplish... 'Addison' is a tall-growing, open deciduous native azalea from Rhododendron alabamense (which see) seed. Blooming unrivaled in February and early March, Christmas Cheer showcases white funnel-shaped flowers tinted with pink. Pictured. Do you have others? This viney shrub also produces a red, bristly fruit. It combines the red-orange flowered Cumberland Azalea (Rhododendron bakeri aka Rhododendron cumberlandense) with the white-flowered Swamp Azlaea, (Rhodode... Rhododendron minus is an evergreen shrub with small oval leaves resembling Kalma latifolia. This Rhododendron is native to the Southern Appalachi... Jetbead is a loosely branched deciduous shrub with somewhat arching branches. Can I purchase a hybrid rhododendron max height no more than 24” from your nursery and do you ship to upstate New York. Required fields are marked *. Maria, It has rath... Rohdea makes a bold groundcover grown for its dark almost black tufted evergreen leaves. They'll love the east side of your house or having some protection from the hottest part of the day. Light green spring foliage emerges from dark green leaves (pictured left). We checked the soil and found it to be low in nitrogen, so we added organic nitrogen that summer and fall. Dwarf to semi dwarf azalea bushes. It is a gorgeous large flowered yellow hybrid between the Exbury Hybrid 'Hots... A Woodlanders introduction, this deciduous azalea hybrid is a cross made by Robert Mackintosh. We are the oldest niche propagation nursery for rhododendrons in the country, and we boast a wide array of very rare species and hybrids. Some Weston hybrids are said to be resistant only after they are established, which is often the case with deciduous azaleas much as it is with roses: a healthy plant can fend off many things. It blooms from mid spring to mid fall and should have full sun. Bloom in March and early April. Is it possible to grow a rhododendron from another established rhododendron and if so, how would I do that? to run for two hours, then turn it off and wait for one hour. Thanks for inquiring about these interesting plants. Lady Banks Rose is an old southern Garden favorite. Lily, Our selection was propagated from a wild source in coastal Georgia where it has become uncommon or rare. I can grow in full sun ... A warm climate perennial that is somewhat woody at the base, this Ruellia has bright red tubular flowers about 1 inch long in summer. Summer … Works well for low borders. Watch for my email with the details tomorrow. Early this season you had also listed a straight ‘Sappho,’ ‘Warlock’ and ‘Ring of Fire’ (I see it’s parental ‘1000 Butterflies’ still on your list). Large-Flowered Evergreen Hybrid Rhododendrons … More Info. Here we are in spring of 2020 and same lack of blooms, although very healthy green leaves and impressive, large buds. This southeastern U.S. native perennial is called "Wild Petunia" and makes a good garden plant. Gallon. This evergreen Satsuki azalea is an Asian cultivar with double pink blooms like little roses with 40+ petals and no pistil or stamens. I notice a couple of one-off rhododendrons on your current inventory list and would like to swoop by to see them and hope to take them home, as I don’t normally see these — ‘Coastal Sugar’ and ‘Sappho X Loder’s White’ (I presume a more upright and/or compact form of Sappho?). We don’t have any Western Hybrids this year. This wild rose is a tall somewhat thorny shrub with fragrant single pink flowers. Scientifically speaking, all azaleas are of the genus Rhododendron. We boast over a thousand varieties of rare & hard to find species, hybrids, and grafts. These Vireya rhododendrons … It is a Mediterranean native which should have full sun and a well-drained, preferably alkaline, soil... Rostrincula is an unusual deciduous shrub recently introduced from south China and not widely available. They look superb in an open garden setting as specimen plants, and … Best, ... Vireya Rhododendron. - Tashi Namgyel. This sumac is a fine textured deciduous shrub with leaves remarkably like poison oak but harmless, somewhat blue green, and aromatic. Whether you are a skilled Rhododendron hybridizer or a beginning Rhody enthusiast, we have the plant material to meet your needs. Nice to meet you at the nursery today. Availability is never guaranteed, so it is wise to seize the opportunity to purchase the plant you are looking for. It is a rare and handsome groundcover plant that can live in full shade to full sun. We added a bit more organic nitrogen. It blooms in the spring. Custom residential landscape design and … Typically blooms in late March and April. Can you provide? Unfortunately, we have sold all of these beauties. It is a rambling climber that is ideal for arbors, etc. It is a deciduous shrub with arching branches which root where they contact the ground. If so, I’ve noticed a tendancy towards powdery mildew on the Irene Koesters planted at my local library…do all the western azalea hybrids have this tendency? It had previously been confused with Rhododendron alabamense which flowers earlier and has consistently white flowers with a y... 'Florence' is a robust selection or possibly hybrid of Rhododendron flammeum (which see). However, there are other hybrids such as ‘Fragrant Star’ and its parent ‘Snowbird’ that are resistant. This shiny leafed perennial coneflower produces it's big yellow daisy-like flowers during the summer. Looking specifically for “yellow eyes” rhododendron. We called your nursery and spoke to a man who told us to make sure the roots were shallow and not overloaded with bark, and make sure they were watered. We look forward to seeing you and these lovely plants again. Rhododendrons and azaleas are a must-have for many gardens in the Pacific Northwest. Rhododendrons have a compact root ball of very fine hair-like roots that makes them ideal for use in containers or around buildings. This compact rhododendron reaches just two feet in 10 years, making it a must-have for those gardening in tight-quarters. One of the Tom Dodd "Confederate Series" this one is named for Confederate Admiral Raphael Semmes. I’m not looking for fully shaped specimens. Kim. It likewise has blue flowers, and aromatic needle-like evergreen leaves. Rhododendrons View All > Fieldbrook. We pride ourselves in one of the best ranges of Rhododendron … The Red Hills Azalea is a recently recognized species of native deciduous azalea first described in 2008. Please call Dick or Karol Cahan at 425-455-0631. Please view our azalea list as it shows the types we are planning to receive. This fragrant early pale yellow flowered hybrid azalea is from a cross of two native azaleas which do not occurs together in the wild. Prefers full sun to light shade. Hardiness: USDA Zones 6-9. This is a low trailing form of the Common Rosemary. This rose is native to eastern... 'Magic Dragon' is a small-flowered deep red rose that is trailing or semi climbing, long blooming, and trouble free. It has large pink flowers that are red in bud. ), I believe, is one. It has fragrant, pure white flowers about 4" across that bloom in April and May. Instead of struggling to grow unsuitable plants it is best to concentrate instead on shrubs that naturally grow and thrive in shade. We need a solution that gets them to bloom or replaces them. Plants. Deciduous Azalea with very fragrant yellow blooms April - May. It is surely a hybrid but exact parentage is unknown. This list reflects our plant forecast. It's often used in Asian/Zen and Cottage gardens and thrives in acidic soils. Follow these quick tips for success. I would like to purchase a Seaview Sunset Rhododendron. We will be offering an extensive selection of Rhododendrons including species and … Rhododendrons purchased … Want seeds, push the green button to a whole new fun and exciting world of Rhododendrons… The one gallon options would be a good option. Very beautiful and adaptable but rarely available. If the soil is dry six inches down, continue watering and checking until the entire foot is moist. Grace Seabrook is a hybrid of The Honourable Jean Marie de Montague and strigillosum. Rhododendrons. This upright deciduous shrub with large flowers that are orange marked with yellow. It grows readily in wet soils and is useful for naturalizing along pond margins and in sunny to semi-shady wet sites. Rhododendron luteum/ponticum and its forms are also resistant. Rhododendron atlanticum is a dedciduous azalea of suckering habit (stoloniferous). Visit or call to check availability of any plant. You may find some of these hybrid azaleas through mail order. yakushimanum White Rhododendron… This azalea is a cross between the azalea 'Hotspur Yellow' and the Florida Azalea (Rhododendron austrinum). Not only do we grow one of the widest ranges in the world, but our five consecutive RHS Flower Show 'Golds' confirm us as one of the best growers of these choice garden plants. I will email you in order for you to have the email address to which you can send pictures. Mak and Alan, White 1-2 inch diameter flowers have four petals and are followed by persistent shiny black bead-like fruits which persist on the plant for many months. This evergreen rose has long bee... A clear pink flowered clone of Rosa laevigata (which see). This raspberry relative is an attractive trailing vine with large rounded evergreen leaves (6' or more diameter) and weak prickles. Coming soon in January 2021 – the Spring Catalog. Rubiginosum refers to some cultivars having rusty-reddish scales. Along with Rhododendrons, … Best, Rhododendron Weekend April 9th-10th,2011 We are having a celebration of Rhododendrons April 9th-10th, 2011. Rhododendron & Azaleas. As a baseline, allow a soaker hose or drip line (not a sprinkler!) This spreading open-branched evergreen azalea has dull green to yellowish-green fuzzy leaves. If you send me an e-mail address I can send you pictures. Rhododendron colemanii Red Hills Azalea. They became dark green and bushy with big buds in the spring, but the buds opened without any red blooms. Hi James, thanks for your question. It is a beautiful plant with thick, shiny, somewhat rounded  leaves that are glaucous underneath. Its foliage is dark green and relatively free of common rose problems. Fall 2020 Plant Catalog is now Closed. I would like to purchase a “Seaview Sunset ” Rhody. Best, The large flower trusses have flowers that are dark pink with a yellow upper petal. It is a hybrid between the Exbury Azalea 'Hotspur Yellow' and the Florida Azalea (R... 'Camilla's Blush' is a choice clone of our native deciduous azalea Rhododendron canescens (which see). Retail native plant nursery featuring north Florida native wildflowers, ferns, perennials, shrubs, and trees along with uncommon, rare, and unusual native species. Availability is never guaranteed, so it is wise to seize the opportunity to purchase the plant you are looking for. Rhododendrons. Lavender purple flowers emerge in trusses in late May or early June. Rich purple blooms of trumpet-shaped flowers follow in April. A listing of over 1100 rare and uncommon plants available by mail order. "Stay as rare and as radiant as a rhododendron." Your email address will not be published. ‘Seatac’ and other types of Rhododendrons would fit your request. The white, clove … Beautiful spring gardens, small or large, can be created beneath trees by planting these shrubs, along with other shade-tolerant plants like Camellias, H… The genus Rhododendron comprises various groups of which we specialise in the following:. This native deciduous azalea is considered one of the finest of the American Azaleas. The leaves are bluish-green. I love the beautiful Peony-like flowers of the ‘Pink Icicle’ Camellia. Stunning rose red flowers, a dense, compact form. Rhododendron My Mary. Your email address will not be published. It is a rare species found only in western Georgia and ... A large growing native deciduous azalea that ranges farthest south into central Florida. A great landscape design solution for small space gardens. This Gable Hybrid is well-known as a symbol of spring due to its showy purple blooms in April and May. A showy subtropical species that does well in the Deep South as a perennial for semi-... Rhododendron atlanticum x austrinum (Pale Yellow), Rhododendron austrinum hybrid ''Admiral Semmes'', Rhododendron austrinum hybrid 'Colonel Mosby', Rhododendron austrinum hybrid 'Stonewall Jackson'. This hardy azalea is a large flowered cross made by Woodlanders founder the late Robert Mackintosh who crossed our native Roseshell Azalea (Rhododend... Rhodoleia is a large evergreen shrub or small tree native to China. The Florida Azalea is a large growing deciduous azalea. Closely related to R. carolinanium but taller and flowering later. The fragrant golden yellow flowers appear very early. It will rebloom if cut back. Do not let a rhododendron dry out in the first three years after planting. Pictured. It was introduced into Texas from France in 1834. This deciduous azalea produces an … The 2-3 inch wide double flowers are re... A spreading, arching shrub that will climb over and around trees or any support. It is often used as an accent and for mass planting. It was introduced to the United States in the 1890's by Arnold Arboretum. This beautiful evergreen shrub or tree from south China is little known in the U.S. and material in cultivation may be taxonomically confused. The leaves are bluish-green. Water regularly and allow water to reach one foot into the soil. Karol, This thornless climber has abundant but small lightly fragrant double yellow flowers in spring. I hope that you have it available. Species Rhododendrons often have wonderful foliage, but are fairly specialist and are best grown by more experienced gardeners. I’m looking for some Rhododendrons that have leaves that are more rounded or oval in shape, rather than the typical long, narrow leaves — could you please share the name of some Rhododendrons that you carry with more rounded leaves? Christine, Its leaves are small, dark green, and leathery. The informative and entertaining book Passalong P... Deciduous shrub azalea well suited to the Deep South's heat and humidity. Cheers! It is possible to take a cutting of most rhododendron hybrids or species. Thanks Joan! Visit our Rhododendrons & Azaleas page for photos of some of our plants. Rare Tender Rhododendrons for Greenhouses The hard to find Rhododendron 'Cinnkeys' has tubular blossoms that look more like a Cyrtanthus falcata from South Africa ( a bulb in the Amaryllis Family) … We bought them from a blond haired woman who seemed knowledgeable. Kim. Rhododendron ‘Hershey’s Red’ Red 3′. We are willing to drive over to your nursery with samples of a branch or two so you can see the odd way it blooms. We called and spoke to the same older male and he said to give it one more year and then call back. It blooms late spring to early summer. Sorry we were unable to find this plant for you. Best, With its low, mounding habit, Silver Sword is great for borders, containers and Japanese gardens. So happy you took home one of these little beauties. Thanks for your reaching out for assistance. This thornless climber has abundant but small lightly fragrant double yellow flowers in the typical form but this the form with double white flowers The white, clove -scented flowers occur with or slightly before the leaves. Are these no longer available, and is there any chance of seeing them again come Spring? Kim. Wholesale nursery specializing in dwarf conifers, rhododendron, native plants, bamboo. Variegatum has long and narrow green leaves with creamy yellow edges. Gallon 3 year old shrub. Kim. It is a splendid species that blooms mid-season. To learn how, use the following link to the Rhodo Society: This native deciduous azalea occurs primarily on steep slopes in the Piedmont section of Georgia and adjacent South Carolina. No order is too big or too small! Growing quality plants in one to seven gallon containers for independent garden centers and landscapers. Rhododendrons are available for sale from the following growers YAMINA COLLECTORS NURSERY - phone (03) 9756 6335 'Justly famous for rare and unusual plants' Don Teese

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